GlamGlow Indonesia


GLAMGLOW® was founded in 2010 by Glenn & Shannon Dellimore exclusively for behind-the-scenes in the Hollywood Entertainment, Music, Fashion& Award Industries. Recently made available in 2011 for retail, GLAMGLOW® has taken the World by storm with accolades such as ELLE Magazine’s No.1 Beauty Obsession, Harrods Best Seller, Voted Sephora HOT NOW and Winner of the coveted Neiman Marcus Beauty Awards, and launching in 84 countries in over 6,000 stores with Luxury Retail Stores, Spa Professional Back-Bar and In-Room Hotels all in just 16 months. As the only Skincare Company to be located on the ‘Stars Walk of Fame’ in Hollywood, we are committed to providing the most advanced, fastest and innovative cosmetic technology for the Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award Industries and bringing our Hollywood industry high-end cosmetic mud-delivery products to all consumers Worldwide, in unique quick-fix and novel ways. Imported by PT KreasiMutualisme, GLAMGLOW fabulous products are now available in Indonesia.

Home Is Where The Story Begins...

A few friends where gathered together at Glenn & Shannon’s home in the Hollywood Hills overlooking Los Angeles, when an actor friend commented that he could not find a product that made his skin instantly camera ready, instantly reducing pores, instantly dealing with sun damage, instantly dealing with fine lines, instantly producing a noticeable glow that would last for days. This became a topic of conversation with Glenn & Shannon Dellimore and the other three actors at the house. The verdict was unanimous, there was no convenient easy-to-use skincare product specifically designed for immediate and instant camera-ready skin. With the handful of willing well-known actors as test subjects, Glenn & Shannon Dellimore set out to create a product just for their actor friends, not for sale to anyone, not for retail to anyone and not limited by any production costs. After much research, Glenn & Shannon started to formulate the product in their home, but the economy had just crashed two weeks after they had bought their house and just a few months before they were due to have their first baby, the last thing they needed was to spend $80 on buying ingredients for providing free little samples for friends. They decided to do it and after hand filling the product on their coffee table in their living room they handed out the samples to their four actor friends, a week later they all came back saying ‘wow, that stuff really works’ and asking for more for themselves and other actor friends. The little sample product containers had no name and no packaging, yet was soon being requested by executives of major studios and other A list actors. A price was set for the small plain white sample containers and a small family factory sourced to make their magic mud. With increasing requests Glenn & Shannon began to sell the ‘no name’ magic mud to Hollywood studios, who provided the product to sound stages for use by actors and their make up artists. A year went by and their product was being used on-set all over Hollywood. One evening the phone rang and the Vice President of a major luxury retailer was on the line… “A friend of mine gave me your product to try and the results blew me away, I have my buyers on the phone too and we would like to retail your amazing product alongside the world’s most luxurious brands…” That evening, in their living room, Glenn & Shannon pondered, and with a few plain pieces of paper, scissors, tape and a pen, they hand created a concept box design, concept finishes and brainstormed names … this was the birth of GLAMGLOW® and it was just the beginning.

Behind The Scenes